Erin M Hansman, PhD, CCXP

Not that kind of doctor.

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My Philosophy

"I fight for the users."


My Career (So Far)

Corporate and Startup Experience (2015 - )

Senior Analyst


January 2017 - present


As part of the Customer Insights team within the newly-formed Global Process Office at SAP, our team guides the adoption and implementation of customer-focused research throughout the organization. Our team was responsible for standing up the framework for CX in 12 weeks...and we did it in nine. That's just how we roll.

As we continue to build out best practices across the business, I'm partnering with various stakeholders across the organization to develop and document existing research methods and frameworks used by teams to find out what customers are saying and how we can act on these findings.

Using my previous background in survey and research design, I'm also working with various teams across the business to develop a standardized, cohesive research framework that captures customer sentiment and experiences at key points - without overwhelming or irritating!

I've also rebuilt the existing dashboards for the organization using Qualtrics (and their Vocalize product) to provide real-time access to NPS results as received. #DataTellsStories

Program Manager

AppEsteem Corporation

July 2016 - November 2016


I kept the lines of communication open and flowing for a distributed team of developers creating AppEsteem's flagship product. As part of a small, yet rapidly-growing seed-stage startup, I spent a large chunk of time designing workflows, creating use cases and acceptance tests from user stories (using Gherkin), facilitating standups, forcing Visio to bend to my will, and finding new ways to surprise and delight our customers.

We used Agile - Scrumban, if you want to get technical - to keep updates flowing. I make sure we talked. I make sure we listened to our customers. I removed obstacles. Sometimes, I moved furniture.

Whatever it took.

Analytics Manager

Pointmarc, a Merkle Company

August 2015 - April 2016


I served as a functional manager for an incredible team of seven analysts charged with providing clients with digital marketing insights and optimization strategies. Whether building on the tagging and site architecture provided by the Pointmarc Technical and Data Services team, or leveraging existing data sources provided by the client, the Insights and Performance Services team prided itself on its ability to generate actionable insights on-time and within budget. I helped develop a team that got a lot of work done and still enjoyed coming to work every day!

I provided the support my team needs to develop their professional skills, as well as provided opportunities for growth within the organization. I worked to also provide my team with more efficient production support as warranted.

Oh, I also snagged my GA IQ certification as well. Why not?

I also provided organizational support by developing various processes designed to help our organization grow and scale. While not necessarily the sexiest part of working in a growing organization, this work provided the opportunity to review and develop structures based on organizational needs as well as overall best practices.

For-Profit Higher Education (2013 - 2015)

Director of Customer Insights

Bridgepoint Education (parent company of Ashford University)

April 2014 - June 2015


My team and I created, administered, and reported on student and organizational feedback, primarily through the continued development and maintenance of all student and faculty surveys. I wrote and tested questions and associated scales, worked with the Reporting team to develop/QA SQL queries used to select participants, consulted with departments to identify strategic uses of collected data, and expanded support to key University of the Rockies and Bridgepoint stakeholders.

From a technical standpoint, I explored using Python to mine qualitative insights generated from open-ended responses. Using Excel and SPSS, I performed and verified research leveraging a variety of statistical methods depending on need: from crosstabs and frequencies to ANOVA, regression models, factor analysis, or pivot tables. My team and I provided core departments with deliverables used to inform and prioritize strategic initiatives, using Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word or Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator depending on request.

In addition, I coordinated and managed large-scale projects, including the development of a modular survey strategy leveraging Qualtrics while reducing survey fatigue and improving response rates. Utilizing Project 2010, PWA, and Microsoft Sharepoint, I provided customers with instant access to project documents and deliverables. Following the practices outlined in the PMBOK, I launched and managed an associated report overhaul, creating a set of customized, automated reports providing immediate utility for key business stakeholders.

From an operational standpoint, I modified existing documents and associated documentation as created in Microsoft Visio and Word to accommodate shift to the parent company. I also maintained documents on Sharepoint for team use. Most importantly, I provided leadership and professional development to a staff of three researchers and data analysts through a period of significant change within the organization.

Director of Institutional Research

Ashford University

January 2013 - April 2014


My team and I created, administered, and reported on student, faculty, and Ashford staff feedback. Using Qualtrics, my team and I developed and maintained all student and faculty surveys. I primarily wrote and tested questions and associated scales, and worked with the Reporting team to develop/QA SQL queries used to select participants. In addition, I developed and refined the process of facilitating focus groups, providing question generation and data collection consulting to various departments within Bridgepoint Education and its subsidiaries (Ashford University and University of the Rockies). Using Excel and SPSS, my team and I performed and verified research projects leveraging a variety of statistical methods depending on the need: from crosstabs and frequencies to analyses utilizing ANOVA, various regression models, and factor analysis, to simple pivot tables.

The team and I also conducted secondary market research using existing databases (e.g. United States Census Bureau, National Center for Education Statistics) to identify potential strategic opportunities for the university. We provided core departments with deliverables used to inform and prioritize various strategic initiatives, either using Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word or Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator depending on the request. Additionally, my team and I completed ad hoc reporting and analysis as required as part of Ashford University's Planning and Effectiveness (P&E) unit, and participated in Ashford University’s successful WASC regional accreditation site visit in March 2013.

From an operational standpoint, I created process documents and associated documentation as created in Microsoft Visio and Word, and created in-house infographics for internal use highlighting best practices. Most importantly, I provided leadership and professional development to a staff of six researchers and data analysts through a period of significant organizational change.

Non-Profit Higher Education (1999 - 2013)

Director of Institutional Research

William Woods University

May 2005 - January 2013


Director of Institutional Research (2005 - 2011)

As the creator of this position for the organization in 2005, I collected, analyzed, and reported on all aspects of the student experience, completed all required federal and state reports (e.g. IPEDS, DHE), as well as selected optional surveys as directed by university administration (e.g. US News and World Report, College Board). I also developed and executed research plans according to faculty and staff requests and created a set of internal reports and analyses that provided upper-level administrators with reliable and speedy access to relevant data and information to make informed strategic decisions, including admissions forecasts for annual budgeting and profit/loss forecasts for new degree programs and strategic initiatives. I provided data and supporting documentation to the Higher Learning Commission as part of a successful decennial site visit in 2007. I also provided supplementary information to the Higher Learning Commission and other constituents as part of a successful change request visit in August 2011, when WWU was approved to provide online programs.

Director of Institutional Research and Database Administrator (2011 - 2013)


From April 2011 onwards, the role of Database Administrator was added to my position. In addition to completing the IR-related tasks outlined previously, my team of three (including me) administered and maintained all administrative computing systems (e.g. Jenzabar EX, PowerFAIDS, Ad Astra) and their web-based components (e.g. JICS). This included security and access control (user access rights, groups, permissions), and backup and maintenance operations, including all server/web client upgrades and client patches. I learned VMware administration to streamline user upgrades and improve the customer experience. To streamline operations and reduce potential for error, I developed ETL methods primarily using SSIS to migrate data between systems, and developed applications and content specific to the needs of various departments.

Administrative Computing Specialist

William Woods University

July 2001 - May 2005


I provided exemplary customer service and support for individuals utilizing the primary student information system (Jenzabar EX) and its web-based components (JICS), as well as the student financial aid system (PowerFAIDS). This represented approximately 100 staff users, as well as approximately 60 faculty users and over 2,000 concurrent student users.

To do so, I served as Tier 2/3 support for Jenzabar / Infomaker / JICS issues, and as Tier 2 support for SQL Server issues. I also created specialized databases and forms using Microsoft Access to support and enhance existing data collection and reporting efforts, and developed custom reports used by all business units to support daily operations, including payroll/accounts payable check templates, receipt templates, and summary reports for department tracking and reporting.

This position was initially created to assist in the university's conversion from an AS/400-based administrative computing system to a SQL Server-based system. To meet this need, I received training in server and database administration as well as all system modules and served as the backup admin for the DBA. I provided user training and support during the conversion process for approximately 75 users, working with departments to identify potential problems in converted data and developing conversion maps for the vendor to employ at go-live.

Help Desk Specialist / Manager

William Woods University

August 1999 - July 2001


In this role, I provided Tier 2 PC/Macintosh hardware and software support to approximately 3,500 students, faculty, and staff. As part of this support, I was responsible for supporting approximately 1,500 laptops in the field, as well as 200+ faculty and staff machines as well as lab machines (approximately 100).

I performed software installations, upgrades, and maintenance on PC- and Macintosh-based systems (Windows 95/OS8 onward) and developed and conducted training sessions on popular programs, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Access. I also assisted as needed with server and network upgrades, including providing assistance on migrating to Active Directory and setting up Microsoft Exchange for the enterprise. I rebuilt hardware as necessary and performed all hardware/software maintenance on Macintosh computers (primarily faculty and design lab machines).

From an operational standpoint, I directly managed a team of part-time student assistants as well as other Help Desk staff responsible for Tier 1 service and support (3-5 employees, depending on time of year). I also provided backup support for AS/400-based applications used by the university to conduct all critical business operations and student tracking.

Freelancing and Teaching

In The Classroom (2007 - )

Senior Core Part-Time Faculty

Northcentral University

November 2015 - present

Reviewer: Analyze Data

Southern New Hampshire University

November 2015 - September 2017

Adjunct Facilitator and Course Developer

William Woods University

January 2007 - March 2013

On The Internet (2011 - 2018)

Site Wrangler, Editor, and PA

Steve Matchett

March 2011 - July 2018


I’ve developed and maintained the content for the Same Old Sketch family of websites and managing speaking engagements for Steve Matchett, former Benetton mechanic and current television personality. For the site, I migrated to WordPress and created a custom child theme incorporating customized effects.

In 2015, I edited the 20th anniversary edition of Matchett's first book, Life in the Fast Lane. In August 2016, we released the Kindle version of Matchett's third book, The Chariot Makers.

Twitter Ombudsman

SPEED (now FOX Sports)

March 2011 - December 2012


I helped build and develop the @Formula1onSPEED account for Frank Wilson. This provided fans with real-time commentary before, during, and after broadcasts. The innovation was in the content and its recognition of the fan as part of the conversation; since used as a template for other Twitter use at FOX Sports. Content focused on providing additional insight, not regurgitating existing materials. When the account ceased in Dec 2012, it had 30k+ followers and a dedicated, engaged base.


March 2012 - December 2012


In 2012, I also contributed to Parc Fermé, a set of articles housed on focusing on Formula 1 and the characters who make that racing series special.

The site was closed and archived in December 2012.

Education and Other Details

Formal Education


Capella University



University of St. Francis



Culver-Stockton College


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