Attrition Game: Hungarian Grand Prix

Last race before the August break – let’s hope it’s a good one.

PLAYERS: (number out/first out if provided)

RESULT: Sutil broke first, followed by Guiterrez and Bottas…and for a very long time it looked like we’d finish with three retirements. @JohnNeese then dared to mention his potential win….AND ROSBERG’S ENGINE EXPLODED. Di Resta pulled in at the very end, bringing the final count to five.

Great race; great result for Kimi.

Congratulations to @RacingPoke, @WeeklyWargamer, and @Dger!

Attrition Game: German Grand Prix

Honestly, I’m not sure what I think about this calendar – lots of strange three-week breaks followed by back-to-back races.

PLAYERS: (number out/first out if provided)

RESULT: Today’s race. Wow. Four laps in and Massa breaks. Eleven laps in and Red Bull botches a pit stop. Camerman hit with tire. Kimi being Kimi. Alonso parks it after the finish. Good times.

Three out means @SlashVohaul, @fhchandler, and @lorenamacdonald win today’s Attrition Game. Congratulations, everyone!

Attrition Game: British Grand Prix

After a three-week early summer break, F1 returns to Silverstone.

PLAYERS: (number out/first out if provided)

RESULT: Four (technically five) winners today – with four retirements, @joehrossi, @fhchandler, @TrillF1, and @harryagapidis all win today! (I picked four too, but I’m just sortofplaying.)

Congratulations! See you next week for the next round….

Attrition Game: Canadian Grand Prix

Oh, Canada! The first of two North American races. I’m seriously thinking of going next year. If Jessica wills it, I should try to make it happen…right?

Right. On to the actual game….and this week, I’m not even putting them in order. It’s been a crazy week, but that’s the subject of another post.

PLAYERS: (number out/first out if provided)

RESULT: With three retirements, no winners for the Attrition Game for this race. Wasn’t much of a race, either – outside of Kimi’s pit mishaps and a couple of nicely-executed passes, this wasn’t the most exciting of races…..(my two cents, of course!)

Attrition Game: Monaco Grand Prix

Oh, Monaco. Slow race, often without a lot of passing…but it seems this is the race that sees more attrition than most. It’s a lot of fun watching the broadcast team on location this week…as they can’t help but find themselves infected with on-track excitement.

PLAYERS: (number out/first out if provided)

RESULT: Seven out – congrats to @RacingPoke, @joehrossi, @harryagapidis, and @TrillF1 for guessing correctly today!