Attrition Game: Korean Grand Prix

The Korean Grand Prix is on at a reasonable time for the West Coast (but I’ll admit it – I still took a nap before the race). The rarely-used track provides little traction for the skittish cars, and the lateness in the season means drivers push hard to claw as many points away from Vettel as humanly possible.

PLAYERS: (number out/first out if provided)

RESULT: Five out (with Di Resta out first, to boot) means we had several winners….congratulations, @TrillF1, @DougBryan1, @graemefowler, @brclark7, and @_MrHS_ on your correct guess! Bonus points to @TrillF1 for also getting Di Resta right – you’re on a roll tonight!

Attrition Game: Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix is usually filled with near-misses and tight racing (even if some of that tight racing is the result of a safety car). As I’m writing this piece of the post, with just over one-third of the race complete, exactly ZERO cars have retired. No crashes. Vettel’s currently almost 11 seconds ahead of the field…after his first pit stop.

AAAAAND just as I write this, Ricciardo throws it into the wall and the safety car’s deployed. NOW it feels more like Singapore.

PLAYERS: (number out/first out if provided)

RESULT: Webber’s fire on the last lap (which makes me so sad…though seeing Webber take a ride on Alonso’s Ferrari makes up for it a bit) means we had four out.

Four out means @joehrossi wins! Nice work!

Attrition Game: Italian Grand Prix

This weekend’s Attrition Game brought to you by my memories of writing last year’s Idler article. Strange how the brain works.

(I still have the draft of the McLaren counterpoint in my drafts folder.)

I miss writing.

Someday. Soon.

In the meantime, we have an Attrition Game to play.

PLAYERS: (number out/first out if provided)

RESULT: Three out (with a last lap retirement thrown in for fun) means @Dger and @VMRVictoria win today! Congratulations!